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ParisFxBot Is an independent online binary signal provider originally from South Africa.

ParisFxBot proposes another interesting solution for those wishing to trade binary but have little or non-knowledge of the markets.

It is developed by a group of trading experts across the world with more than a decade of experience in Forex and binary trading.


Our mission is to provide our clients with clear and profitable signals on time.

Our elite team of traders use advance concepts of price action to identify Best entries in the market.


Our vision is to empower freedom hence eradicating poverty across the world.

“How ParisFxBot work”

We have a partial automated robot that Retail traders/customers run at specific time upon signal command given.














NB: Trades run from Mon- Friday excluding bank Holidays.

How much does it cost for the signals?

Unlike other binary signal providers Parisfxbot company offer 3 free signals for lifetime upon purchasing the bot which goes for one-time fee of $300.

However we have advanced packages for clients who would wish to have extra signals.

Affiliate Reward

ParisfxBot Company Rewards all affricates who introduce other traders with $100 per person upon Bot purchasing.

Affiliate commission

All withdrawals are effective on Fridays

Minimum value of withdrawal is $200

Payment will be received 48 hours after withdrawal


1. Preferred binary Trading broker Binary.com

2. Don’t overtrade by running the bot on your own, Trade by trading room timetable.

3. Do not adjust or edit robot file for any reason

4. Do not be late to the trade room get ready 5 Min before trading time.

5. We advise all our clients to practice on demo before going live

6. Do not execute trade when late with more than 5 seconds

7. Do not stop the bot no matter what

8. If you accidentally run the bot close it immediately, don’t hope for a win.

9. Individual selling of the Bots will read to lifetime termination of contract immediately.

10. Do not use a bot with large parameters than your capital.

11. In case you don’t understand anything hit on support for help.

12. No refund of money after payment to ParisfxBot Company.

13. By subscribing it means you accept all our terms and conditions.

14. All payments are done in the back office using bitcoins. No cash handling


1. ParisFxBot does and hold any of the trading money once it deposited to the broker.

2. Trading options involves significant risk and can result to lose of your invested capital.

3. You should not invest more than you can afford to loose

4. ParisfxBot is not liable for any losses since trades are personally executed.


Email: support@parisfxbot.com